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Where to Find Great Kids Videos

The Good Viral Kid’s Videos

Explore “The Good Viral” Kids’ Videos at, and here are some examples of these great videos:


Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood

Introduce your kids to Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood. His inspiring messages are as relevant today as they were 50 years ago. Meet his neighbours and special guests like, Jeff Erlanger, journey through his neighbour and watch his videos with new episodes on the first and third Monday of every month – and, learn about Mr. Rogers who changed the face of children’s television and transformed the way that we think about the inner lives of young children.

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Meet Award-Winning Kelly Bear

A positive role model for children 3-9

Parent, grandparents, teachers, counsellors and librarians report that the Kelly Bear resources teach children essential life skills such as self-control, problem solving, healthy living habits and social competency – skills associated with resilience. Kelly Bear books give caring adults the words to say that encourage open communication and bonding, the keys to raising responsible, caring and well-adjusted teens. Since Kelly Bear does not represent any culture or race, all children readily identify with him. The Kelly Bear website provides access to a terrific game, 7 books, 10 DVDs, a Songs CD and the Kelly Bear C.A.R.E.S. – a multi-medium curriculum that teaches vital social skills and fosters children’s emotional, physical and intellectual development. Teachers love C.A.R.E.S and in particular, the Kelly Bear Violence Prevention Series – and, so much more.


Where to Find Resiliency Resources & Tools


Maria’s Picks of the Week

Looking for a book, video or game? We will pick items that will help your child develop social, emotional and cognitive skills. Send us an email at and let us know the age of your child and Maria, our Junior Ambassador, will send you a list that is perfect for your child.

Where to Find Cool Kids’ Books

  • Your local community library – a library card is all it takes to have access to books, audio books, e-books, games, and access to computers and other digital devices – nothing is more fun for kids than visiting the library to attend a puppet show, listen to a story or learn a new skill; and, most libraries are offering online services so you can access programs and resources from your own home.
  • Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation ( The “Early Words” program encourages healthcare professionals to bring early literacy into their practices with training developed in collaboration with the Canadian Paediatric Society - And, the provision of a curated selection of high-quality children’s books, linguistically and culturally relevant resources to share with families and help in connecting families to community resources. The program is active in 14 clinics in Nunavut and Manitoba and poised to expand to 95 sites across Canada.
  • Captains & Poets Book Library ( for ages 5-25 are designed to inspire young people to be their best selves using fun, engaging and creative activities. Explore important conversations around the dinner table about self-awareness, well-being and the Superpowers of Resilience, Empathy, Compassion, Gratitude, Curiosity and Courage.
  • First Book Canada ( harnesses the collective power of educators serving low-income children and used their award-winning distribution channels, to deliver books and backpacks to low-income communities. Instead of torn hand-me-down books, the right materials are reaching the right students.
  • Check out Telling Tales Festival ( for kids’ books, along with events that connect kids to Canadian authors, illustrators and storytellers. Take a virtual field trip and view over 30 presentation from the Fall 2021 “Telling Tales Virtual Festive at Westfield Heritage Village and the Nature Tales Festival the Royal Botanic Gardens.
  • Discover the world of Canadian children’s books at the Canadian Children’s Book Centre ( whose programs, publications and resources help parents/caregivers and educators to select the best books for kids & teens, organizes visits to classrooms across Canada and sends home a book with every grade one student in Canada.
  • Visit the “Good Minds” website ( A First Nations business operated by a family passionate about Indigenous education. They source and provide books by Indigenous authors or books with Indigenous content. In addition to their bookstore , they provide access to free e-books.
  • The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators ( provides a recommended reading list and a Speaker’s Bureau so that teachers and librarians can provide kids with the joy of meeting the author or illustrator of their favourite books.
  • Visit Love of Reading Foundation (Chapters/Indigo) to access books for school Libraries in low income communities. (
  • Check out Scholastic Canada (, The Book Outlet Canada ( and teachers will want to check out Epic Creations, Inc. (

Quiet Time With Great “Read to Me” Books

There is nothing like reading to a child with them on your lap or a bedside story but sometimes, you just need some time to yourself. Here are some great “Read to Me” videos of kids’ books

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Please note: To ensure the digital well-being of kids, this section is screened by members of our Professional Advisory Council. And, we check the “Common Sense Media” website that ensures the digital well-being for kids by recommending Movies/TV, Books, Apps & Games that have been screened for the protection of kids. Check out its “Parents Need to Know” section. (


The Darkest Dark

Watch Colonel Chris Hatfield sing the words of his book that the Tam Brothers illustrated. Check out the other version of the Darkest Dark – Read-Aloud on Storytime with Ryan & Craig. Visit their website for a huge selection of books that they read aloud in their fun-filled way, and the books are chosen by teachers.


Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo

Written and read by John Lithgow and illustrated by Leeza Hernandez. The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s website Storyline Online streams videos featuring celebrated actors like Oprah Winfrey, Kristen Bell, Kevin Costin, Betty White, and dozens more, reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Each book includes a supplemental curriculum aimed at strengthening comprehension and verbal and written skills.

KidTime StoryTime

This is the original, happiest read-aloud channel for children. Beloved by kids, parents, educators and authors, they have the biggest library of children’s educational read aloud books that are brought to life with puppets, humor, singing & even storytelling read by New York City stage and screen actor, Eileen Faxas.

Telling Tales Festival

Telling Tales Festival provides events that connect kids to Canadian authors, illustrators and storytellers. Take a virtual field trip and view over 30 presentations from the Fall 2021 Telling Tales Virtual Festival at Westfield Heritage Village and the Nature Tales Festival at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Kids can visit their “Imagination Station”.  Plus, the “Creativity Club Corner” and the “Educator Corner” provides ideas for classroom activities.

13 Moons, 13 Reads

A great website offering books written by Indigenous authors, along with illustrations and free resources. Subscribe to their new online book club featuring video interviews with Indigenous authors, poets, and illustrators. The Club will follow the Anishinaabe lunar calendar and will be hosted by Mohawk/Tuscarora poet, Jane Rogers.

Safe Websites for Games and Activities

Play Sky: Children of the Light and rebuild a mystical fallen kingdom in a wonderland above the clouds.

Story Place – The Children’s Digital Library

A pre-school library full of great activities for kids to explore.

Over 700 educational games and activities for kids.

Peep and the Big Wide World

Hatching new scientists every day.

CBC Kids

Preschool page for games. Contest and CBC programs.

Recess Guardians

Recess Guardians is a Canada-wide, free program that builds leadership abilities and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Connected Camps

Learning Together online – a community where thousands of kids build, code, play and learn from another.

PeekaBoo Kidz

Peekaboo is a cheerful destination with colourful animation for all the Happy Children in the world! Specially designed for kids as they explore the World of Kids Educational Videos and check out the Dr. Binocs Show – the best learning videos for kids.


BOKS is a free physical activity program designed to get kids active and establish a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.

Roots and Shoots by Dr. Jane Goodall

The Canadian Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots program uses a four-step framework as a meaningful way to address local issues connected to the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and environmental inequity, Encourage some young leaders and kids to visit the website to sign up and gain access to the free online four-step program guide.

Encourage Kids to Explore the Arts

The ArtHouse is a charitable organization based in Halton, Ontario that provides free arts-based programs for children and youth who have little or no access to fee-related activities. Their programs nurture the wellbeing of children in an atmosphere that is supportive and safe, in partnership with community organizations and various neighbourhood programs.

Kids’ Apps, Online Games and Activities

Check Out Some Cool Apps – and, make certain that your favourite adult plays along with you.



Are you feeling upset or stressed? Talk with robo-friend Alex to feel better.


A great app for families to start their day with all members of the family getting pops of joy.


Coming Soon!

The Daily Physical Activity Challenge, The Daily Dose of Superpowers, and more apps soon!

Encourage Kids to Explore the Arts

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WeeFestival of Arts & Culture for Early Years

Search for inspiring theatre presentations created for children up to age 6. They can attend virtually with their families, and at school and in their communities.

Super Simple: A Place to Learn & Play

Kids can attend Caitie’s Classroom and learn all kinds of things as they Sing-Along with Caitie.

Inside the Orchestra

Inside the Orchestra brings music to children, music appreciation and engaging interactive experiences with orchestral music. Music can bring relief from negative feelings. Sing and dance to your favourite song.

The Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Like many communities across Canada, Burlington, Ontario has a great Performing Arts Centre. Check-out the 21/22 Virtual Education Series to engage kids in meaningful arts education and the Golden Ticket Program that provides free theater tickets to students and families who would otherwise not be able to access the performing arts.

What’s Coming Next

  • Kids’ Apps: Check out these cool Apps 
  • “Read to Me” Videos – Stay tuned for videos read by our Youth Advisors
  • The Kids’ Curiosity Club 

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